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Your Superior Self

Nov 13, 2018

Matt Balducci is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, High Performance Business Coach, and Amazon Best Selling Author. He was taught hard work coming from a blue collar background and just above the poverty line. He excelled in sports as a top performing athlete playing baseball for the USA team in HS. In college he was bit by the entrepreneur bug starting his first business at 19 growing it to $80,000, then launching a marketing company that did $500,000 in total revenue while going to college. He went on to the corporate world, as a top salesman and consultant, only to realize he just needed to start his own business again. Matt started a general contracting business, growing it from 0 to 2.6 million dollars in revenue in 4 years growing every year by an average of 50 percent, allowing him to systemize and sell his company this past year for a high 6 figure buy out. During those 4 years, Matt developed a business with 20+ sales reps, 50 crews, and was able to take his hours from 100 down to 20 a week. After turning 30, Matt decided, on top of business and family, to pursue his true passion as a motivational speaker and high performance coach. He launched his Youtube Channel, to help others through his experience and expertise, and has also helped countless entrepreneurs multiply their profits using his systemized approach.