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Your Superior Self

Jun 24, 2019

I loved every bit of this conversation.  Chris and I talk about renewable energy, spirituality, fatherhood and how millennials can become better leaders.  If you love this conversation and would love to help support the show, please click here

More on Chris:

Driven by an indefatigable determination to make the world a better place, Chris is focused on helping people, and the organizations they belong to, pave the road to a more utopian world. He primarily does this by helping these like-minded organizations build and champion themselves using their most powerful asset, their web presence.

His career is riddled with helping some of the planet’s largest and most impactful brands, like Ritz Carlton, Pampers, and Living Social. As well as smaller, but no less intentional brands, like FHI360, Life Sherpa, and Genomic Health. His work at Yoko Co alone has positively affected the lives of 37 million people to date.

Chris excels at aligning strategy and execution with goals and objectives, solving unusual problems, and helping to create a remarkable experience. His background encompasses a well-rounded mix of media, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience which enables him to understand and assist clients with challenges and needs across multiple departments. Often featured in media, you may have seen him on MSBNC, or in the Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Mashable to name a few.