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Your Superior Self

Apr 8, 2019

Dr. James Kelley is the founder and CEO of qChange and the author of the The Crucible’s Gift: Five Lessons from Authentic Leaders Who Thrive in Adversity. qChange specializes in creating behavioral nudges at the point of choice using real time experiments combined with technology. The Crucible’s Gift is based on interviews with 140+ executives that range from Fortune One-hundred companies to entrepreneurs and everything in between. Previously, James consulted for Fortune 500, ran his own consultancy and taught at various institutions.

qChange Bio: 

qChange (n) - Experimental Nudges at the Point of Choice: We create experimental nudges in an organizational or market research context to explore which words and phrases, as well as the timing and frequency of those messages, have the most significant impact of human behavior at the point of choice. Our test and learn methodology allow you to identify what works for specific segments and micro-segments.


We Utilize behavioral sciences, our proprietary software, and beacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to work with our partners to target specific populations of interest and promote engagement of your behavior of interest. In the end, qChange, is a Behavioral Internet of Things (BIoT) company. What does this mean? We work with individuals' drive to stay connected to their devices to impact their behavior at the point of choice.