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Your Superior Self

Jul 2, 2018

Erica Mechlinski makes her podcast grand debut on episode 17!  Erica  joins the show to discuss her journey from stay at home Mom to Founder of 212 Communications. Having a schedule of a CEO, Erica has developed a great way to create more quality time with the kids. Outsourcing! In this episode, she gives some great tips and tricks to develop your own outsourcing strategy.  Erica has experienced a ton of success, but also tragedy.  Erica lost her father to cancer in 2015.  Mr Chlada was a man of great knowledge, and a great love for his family.  This episode is dedicated to him.  Go O's!

Make sure to check out Erica at her website

Check out Joe Mechlinski's NY times best sellers book "Grow Regardless"  here