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Your Superior Self

Jun 15, 2020

After building a successful business and following her professional prowess in film production, Jan Hogrewe just didn’t feel fulfilled and truly happy. This entrepreneur, film producer, former tap dancer, and mother of twins felt an itch for something more— and Jan was about to uncover her Jam. With an overabundance of figs from her Kadota Fig Tree, Jan tinkered with recipes to create a spread before the fruit went to waste. She created so many jars that she began to share them with colleagues, family, and friends who marveled at her hidden talent. Soon after, Jan found herself experimenting and expanding with an assortment of fresh made and all-natural spreads, curds, and marmalades—uncovering a bountiful joy and budding passion. Just like a line out of a film, Jan was asked a single question that redirected her path completely when a friend tasted her jam and introduced her to a food industry professional… “He tasted my jam and said, ‘Wow, I like this. It’s better than what’s on the market. Would you ever be interested in doing this for a living?’ and I said, ‘sure!’” Founded in 2010, Jan embarked on an incredibly successful venture with Just Jan’s full line of artisanal, all-natural fruit spreads and sauces. “Just Jan’s started by accident for me. Making jam was just something I loved doing for family and friends. I had no idea this was going to be a business. Then I was asked the right question at the exact right moment.” Whether some may call it destiny, the Law of Attraction & Manifestation, or just being bold enough to pursue a new passion… either way, it’s a sweet victory for Jan, who continues to put healthy and happy smiles on the faces of those who taste her marvelous marmalades.