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Your Superior Self

Dec 24, 2018

Joshua Rivedal is the creator and founder of Changing Minds: A Mental Health Based Curriculum and The i'Mpossible Project. He is trained in community counseling from the Southern California Counseling Center; human capital management with an emphasis in coaching from NYU; and is also trained in QPR, ASIST, and the teacher's edition of emotional intelligence at Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence. He has spoken about suicide prevention, mental health, diversity, anti-bullying, and storytelling across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. He currently serves on the advisory board of Docz, a startup peer-to-peer mental health app. He wrote and developed the one-man play, Kicking My Blue Genes in The Butt(KMBB), which has toured extensively throughout the world paired with suicide prevention education. His memoir The Gospel According to Josh: A 28-Year Gentile Bar Mitzvah, based on KMBB, is on The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's recommended reading list. His second book, The i'Mpossible Project: Volume 1—Reengaging with Life, Creating a New You, debuted #1 in its category on Amazon in January 2016. A second volume of The i'Mpossible Project—Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving the Impossible was published in August 2017.He is theco-author of two journal papers, one on the trajectory of the survivor of suicide loss, the other on surviving trauma. He advises business owners on growth management, business building strategies, and marketing.