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Your Superior Self

Nov 5, 2018

Milosz Pierwola had no experience being an “explorer,” was fully in debt to the tune of a mortgage, and had no idea how to make any money. Thanks to his job, he was able to save a couple thousand dollars – and he would stretch that for an impossible two years before he saw any money coming in. However, in the time until now, Milosz learned that money is not what this was about. His goal was to explore, to travel to new destinations and learn about them. 

Milosz spent the past several years wandering from the Yukon Territory, to Brazil, to Scotland, Costa Rica, Peru, Nepal, all over the US, and so many other places. He has traveled to some of the hardest-to-get-to places where he found gurus that provided him with wisdom not available anywhere else. It wasn’t deliberate, but it happened.  In the end, Milosz realized that the further he got away from everything he knew, the closer he got to knowing myself.

Milosz speaks publicly as well, inspiring and educating large audiences from universities and graduate schools to public events. His program Become Your Hero has been presented on three continents now. For the biggest event, He was able to collect over $7,500 in donations from large brands that went directly to the students at Rutgers University, including a $3,200 HD Computerized Mobile Telescope to the Astronomy and Physics Department. With this piece of equipment, student groups can now travel to remote destinations to star gaze. The events have been written about in newspapers and participants have followed up, with a number of inspired individuals pursuing their own unique careers and even gaining sponsorship themselves.