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Your Superior Self

Oct 7, 2019

Are you wearing a mask? 

Do you fear what others may think about you? 

Free yourself from the burden of hiding behind a mask that isn't your existence.  

Today on the show, I have Aaron Tomarchio joining us to talk about his story of perseverance. As Senior Vice President of Administration and Corporate Affairs, Aaron directs Tradepoint Atlantic’s external affairs and activities that include public affairs, community relations, government relations and marketing. He also oversees Tradepoint Atlantic’s internal administrative operations to include human resources and site security operations. Prior to Tradepoint Atlantic, he held the role of Director of Corporate Affairs for Erickson Living, a national manager and developer of senior living retirement communities. With a twenty-year career in state and local legislative and executive government roles, Aaron has also worked for and with numerous federal state and local agencies and officials. His service in executive roles in Maryland State and Local Government include nine years as Chief of Staff to the County Executive of Harford County, Maryland’s seventh largest jurisdiction, and as Assistant Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning for Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. In addition to his executive roles, Aaron also served as a legislative aide for two State Senators in Maryland’s General Assembly. Prior to his tenure in government, as an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., a national technology and management consulting firm, Aaron provided program management, public relations and strategic communications support for the U.S. Army Environmental Center.