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Your Superior Self

Mar 17, 2018

Hey guys! This was a cool episode for me, because it involved one of my truest friends.  His name is Den Lertphaiboon, well actually Arnond Lertphiaboon.  His real name is Arnond.  Den was a foreign exchange student from Bangkok, who came to live with our family halfway through the school year.   Den is like a brother to me, and he and his family later returned the favor, by paying for me to visit them in their home country.  I remember when he first came to live with us and we were playing a basketball game on either Sega or Super NES, and Den kept yelling shoot! shoot!  Well it didn't sound like that and my mom thought he was yelling Shit! Shit!.  Ha ha, to say the least, my mother then came up with a list of rules.  Den now works in the world of genetics tayloring medicine for individual diagnosis and diseases, and I fully anticipate him doing something huge for mankind in the near future.