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Your Superior Self

Aug 31, 2020

Jeff Gusky, MD FACEP is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician now on the front lines against COVID-19. Dr. Gusky is also a renowned National Geographic Photographer & Explorer. His discoveries & photographs are now featured at The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. He found a secret hidden for a hundred years that changes the way we see race in America and the way we heal ourselves. Americans now fear the air they breathe, the surfaces they touch, and their physical proximity to one another. Gusky’s mission is to prepare your listeners for a marathon, not a sprint with three paradigm shifts vital to their safety, that will protect them and those they love until a vaccine is ready. When the power of the modern world disappears, all we have left is each other. Everything gets real in a heartbeat. We discover strength and courage we didn’t know we had. We reconnect to meaning, purpose, and to each other through selfless acts of courage & kindness. We get very clear about what really matters. And we rediscover what’s been there all along … the avast reservoir of human decency and goodness just beneath the surface of modern life that’s never left us which abounds with hope. When crisis turns our world upside down, paradigm shifts that restore what’s humanly safe and humanly real are critical.


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