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Your Superior Self

Jul 20, 2020

Mary Ann Bohrer is a public relations consultant and author of a new book about gifted intuitives and the power of our own inner voice. Mary Ann has worked for some of the top PR firms in the world, including Ketchum Public Relations, Hill & Knowlton, and Rubenstein Associates, where she represented the author Danielle Steele, as well as many other clients. She was also the Director of Global PR for the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia & Upjohn and has been the president of Bohrer Public Relations for over a decade, representing numerous clients including Pfizer, the NFL, Home Box Office, Johnson & Johnson, the Miss America Organization, Children’s Miracle Network and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In addition to her public relations career, Mary Ann has become an expert on intuitive ability, and has authored a new book about highly gifted psychics and mediums, and the value of our own inner voice.

Here is some background about how Mary Ann became an advocate for gifted intuitives, intuition and the power of our own inner voice.

In 1997, one thousand days before the year 2000, Mary Ann held a press conference to promote a Millennium Clock that was counting down the days and minutes until the year 2000. The event, which was called the Millennium Festival, featured 24 highly gifted psychics and mediums who shared their Millennium predictions with over 75 journalists who came to cover the event, including The Wall Street Journal, Inside Edition, and CBS Evening News. The press event received national and global PR coverage, and Mary Ann became friends with a number of the intuitively gifted people who were at the event. These friendships inspired Mary Ann to write her new book, which celebrates highly gifted psychics, mediums, and our own intuitive ability.