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Your Superior Self

Mar 17, 2018

Hey whats up guys!   This episode was awesome to make.  When I say Matt Alexander is a networking guru, I truly mean that.  Dude knows no strangers.  He can literally make friends wherever he goes, so its no surprise to me that he does well in sales.  Matt and I have a ton of stories that I wish i could share on the podcast, maybe one day.   You ever speak or see Matt out, ask him about the time capsule The networking guru Matt Alexander joins us to speak on what motivates him to be the best in his business. Matt’s past work experiences have helped him develop the skills necessary to become successful in the start up world. In 2015, Matt was able to get in on the ground floor with a company called Order Up a tech supported food Delivery Company. Matt was able to negotiate over 400 partnerships with local restaurants that enabled them to scale and grow nationwide. Before being absorbed by GRUBHUB, Matt was heading up all field operations in Baltimore, Towson, Nashville and Denver. Currently Matt is working as a District Sales Manager with Toast, INC, a cloud based restaurant Software Company.