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Your Superior Self

Jul 13, 2020

April Doyle's vast experience in the entertainment industry began with successes in both the acting and modeling fields. Also displaying a unique vision and talent as a makeup artist/stylist, April quickly gained recognition in the beauty industry and found herself working with some of the most influential names in the business.

These talents were added to when April's music career took the forefront with her first real musical endeavor with one of Southern California’s most highly successful show bands. While working with the band April traveled the globe building a name for herself as a top-caliber performer. Her talents, experience, and vision all converged resulting in her next musical endeavor - in the corporate entertainment industry, Haute Chile Productions- which launched in the early 2000s. This slick, high energy showband quickly became one of the top requests in high end, corporate celebrity, socialite, and notable charity events. 

Comprised of some of the best studio musicians Los Angeles has to offer, HCP has performed for everyone from Hugh Hefner to the Presidential election, including many international performances. HCP has an unrivaled list of credits, client list, notable performances, and has truly carved out its own niche as one of the most successful entities in corporate entertainment. 

April and the Velvet Room~
April’s latest project ……. April and the Velvet Room…..
The brain child of April Doyle and producer Kevin Flournoy. What’s special about the Velvet room is you never know who you will see on stage at any given performance, but you will definitely be pleasantly surprised. Some of the industries "who’s who" show up and enhance this “classic-neo-jazz-funk” vibe, with an international touch.


At any given performance you will be entertained by the vocal stylings of April as well as different artists who perform regularly with Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Rod Stuart, and Babyface, to name a few.


April & the velvet room~ is an experience of smooth, upper scale, original music complimented by iconic, esoteric classics definitely appealing to a wide audience, all delivered with an intimate concert level of performance~