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Your Superior Self

Jul 17, 2023

Genevieve Taeger is a highly sought-after channeler and spirituality coach, dedicated to guiding individuals on their transformative journeys. With a deep understanding of metaphysics and a profound connection to the spiritual realm, Genevieve possesses a unique ability to tap into higher consciousness and provide insightful guidance. As a channeler, Genevieve serves as a conduit for divine wisdom and universal energy, facilitating powerful connections between individuals and their inner selves, as well as with benevolent beings from higher realms. She has the remarkable ability to channel renowned ascended beings, including Mother Mary and Athena, along with a diverse group of 60 other enlightened entities. Through these profound connections, Genevieve brings forth messages of love, compassion, and profound wisdom from these ascended beings. Their guidance and teachings are tailored to the specific needs and spiritual journeys of her clients, providing profound insights, healing, and spiritual growth. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Genevieve creates a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and spiritual exploration. Her extensive knowledge of esoteric practices, combined with her intuitive abilities, enables her to offer transformative experiences that address the unique needs of each individual. Genevieve's spirituality coaching is designed to empower her clients to embrace their authentic selves and navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Through personalized guidance, practical tools, and energy healing techniques, she helps individuals unlock their innate potential and create positive shifts in all areas of their lives. In addition to her private coaching sessions, Genevieve is a respected speaker, author, and workshop facilitator, sharing her wisdom and insights with a wider audience. She believes in the power of community and regularly hosts events and retreats where like-minded individuals can come together to learn, grow, and support one another on their spiritual journeys. Genevieve Taeger's mission is to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their spiritual essence and live in alignment with their highest truth. With her ability to channel benevolent beings such as Mother Mary, Athena, and 60 other ascended entities, she offers a unique and profound connection to the spiritual realm. Take the first step towards your spiritual awakening and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Genevieve Taeger as your trusted guide.