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Your Superior Self

Sep 4, 2023

Meet Rev. Bill McDonald, a modern-day mystic and spiritual explorer whose life has been marked by extraordinary experiences and an unquenchable thirst for the unknown. Bill's transformative journey commenced with not just one, but three near-death experiences (NDEs) that bestowed upon him a profound connection with the realms beyond the ordinary. Through these glimpses into the ethereal, he gained insights into the intricate tapestry of existence that few have encountered. However, Bill's quest for enlightenment did not end there. Drawn by an invisible thread that tugged at his heart, he embarked on a pilgrimage of a lifetime—an odyssey that led him to the remote cave of Mahavatar Babaji. This legendary Himalayan sage said to be an immortal yogi and the guiding force behind many spiritual adepts, became the focal point of Bill's inner calling. With unswerving determination and the blessings of synchronicity, he traversed treacherous terrains and navigated the labyrinthine path to reach the cave where Mahavatar Babaji was believed to have meditated for centuries. Bill's narrative is a remarkable testament to the intertwining of spiritual resonance and human perseverance. His encounters with near-death realms and his relentless pursuit of the divine led him to the sacred sanctum where time seemed to dissolve. In this convergence of past lives and present purpose, Rev. Bill McDonald not only found solace for his soul but also discovered a new chapter of existence—one that resonates with the timeless wisdom of Mahavatar Babaji and the eternal currents that weave through all of creation. His journey invites us to contemplate the interplay between the tangible and the intangible, and to ponder the eternal question: What lies beyond the boundaries of our mortal perceptions? Connect with Rev. Bill