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Your Superior Self

Nov 6, 2023

Join us in this captivating video as we sit down with Virginia Drake, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in education, social work, counseling, consulting, and motivational speaking. Armed with a master's Degree in Education from Georgetown College, a Teaching Certificate from Eastern Kentucky University, and a B.S. Degree in Social Work from Murray Kentucky University, Virginia's journey took a remarkable turn in 1998 when she experienced a miraculous healing following a major heart attack and a near-death encounter. In this insightful conversation, Virginia shares the profound impact this transformative experience had on her life. Intrigued by the mind, body, and spirit connection, she embarked on a 20-year journey of intensive study, delving into meditation, natural healing, and the fascinating realm of quantum physics. Discover the intricate interplay of the electromagnetic field within the human body and its role in the healing process. Virginia not only shares the details of her near-death experience but also imparts wisdom gleaned from her dedication to understanding the profound forces that shape our health and relationships. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the depths of resilience, healing, and the mind-body-spirit connection with Virginia Drake. 🌌💖