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Your Superior Self

May 20, 2019

Christian Chasmer empowers entrepreneurs to build their business with systems that will give them freedom. He works with CEO’s and young entrepreneurs who are out to impact the world in a big way… and he believes they can enjoy their lives while they do it. At 26 years old, this young entrepreneur has already built two successful companies without sacrificing his lifestyle to stress and burnout. The key, he will tell you, is “Systems, systems, systems!”

Starting in college, Christian built a franchise from $0 to $1.2 million in annual revenue. He then co-founded the real estate development company CC Solutions and grew it to $6 million in revenue in under 2 years. To help others create the same satisfaction he’s found in life and business, Christian authored the bestseller Lose the Limits: Break your limiting beliefs, become a more productive you, and achieve everything you want in life.

Christian’s give-first mindset and skill for building systems help him fulfill his mission: to help others make an exponential impact and simplify business. He lives with his wife in San Diego, California.