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Your Superior Self

May 27, 2022

Sheila Darcey believes that art healed her soul, and everything she does is about sharing that powerful tool for self-care with the world. Her unique drawing style is intuitive, abstract, and organic, covering the page with flourishes and flashes of detail in a manner evoking Surrealist automatic drawing. It’s made in a flow state as part of a daily practice akin to Morning Pages, except visual, and with compelling results that hold their space on any gallery wall, bespoke object, or more recently, NFT auction. (She’s also the host of Arts & Healing, one of the only truly safe spaces on Clubhouse.) Her new book Sketch by Sketch guides readers to create a daily drawing practice that shifts a stressed consciousness into a place of calm, expressivity and truth; and her new crypto project Heal Coin celebrates creators, collaborators, and collectors passionate about holistic wellness.