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Your Superior Self

Nov 14, 2022

Katie Barnett is an authentic, dynamic, and passionate influencer known online and throughout her communities as an agent of change. Her first entrepreneurship, Chico Chalk & Calligraphy launched her love for business yet she felt the time constraints related to raising a family. She jumped into direct sales paving a new way to run a business solely online. By teaching others how to replicate her success, she has greatly impacted many lives globally. In a time when others were comfortable staying safe, Katie made her greatest personal and professional shift earning her the title of “disruptive.” She leaped into discomfort to join the most forward-thinking company in the gig economy. She’s a strong advocate for mental health, women’s rights, and living authentically. With her Master’s of Education and growing success, she hopes to empower others to discover their dream lives through her leadership and growing podcast agenda.