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Your Superior Self

Aug 15, 2022

Marie Diamond is an internationally-known Feng Shui master. She has been practicing for more than 20 years, refining the knowledge that was given to her at an early age. Born in Belgium, she was trained as a lawyer and criminologist and worked for the Belgian and European governments and then as a project manager for a multinational publishing company. She has training and experience in all forms of management, including Human Resources, Marketing, Safety and Sales.

She is now one of the top transformational leaders in the world, consulting with and teaching people in more than 30 countries. She has recently been recognized by other top transformational leaders, including Rhonda Byrne, director and producer of the movie The Secret. Rhonda interviewed 70 of the most powerful transformational teachers and thinkers in the world -- Marie was included on this distinguished list.

Marie's unique approach combines eastern philosophy with her professional training and has led her to consult for a variety of high-profile businesses in Europe and the United States. Her work with Heinen Safety, one of the top safety management companies in Europe, included consulting with petrochemical giants BP-Amoco and Total Fina. Marie used her Diamond Feng Shui tools and her unique approach to energy to impact the environment of the employees, creating a place of safety and well-being. As a result, these companies shared a unique success: over five million man-hours over five years without a major accident.

Marie moved to the United States in 2001 and has since consulted for numerous Hollywood celebrities, major film directors and producers, music giants and famous authors. Using Diamond Feng Shui principles, she has helped many well-known public figures create more success in all areas of their lives. A list of Marie's many clients includes author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles), consulting firm Next Quarter, Minneapolis-based publisher Learning Strategies and music icon Barbara Orbison of Roy Orbison Productions. Marie leads the Diamond Team, consisting of 30 consultants in 10 different countries, in the application of her methods and provides on-going support for their worldwide consulting. Together, she and her team have helped companies increase yearly profits by a minimum of 25% and up to 500% in just one year!

She is part of the Transformational Leadership Council created by Jack Canfield, which includes such respected members as Bill Harris, John Gray, John Assaraf, D.C. Cordova, Paul Scheele and many others.

Marie has been featured in several TV and film projects including The Secret (2006), I Married a Princess (2005) and The Jerry Hall Heaven and Earth Show (2005). In addition to the Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology features she is developing for, she is currently writing several books on the application of Diamond Way principles in daily life. Marie is a dynamic public speaker, sought after for business and special events of all sizes. She is also available for private consultations.

Marie Diamond can be reached at For more information, visit her website at