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Your Superior Self

Jan 15, 2021

Lorenzo was born in 1980 in Huntington Long Island New York. His first visual experience was when he was six years old. He remembers being woken up in the middle of the night hearing his dad talking and being the curious kid that he always was, he tip-toed down the hall to check things out. When he looked halfway through his parent's bedroom door he was able to see his Grandmothers spirit. To Lorenzo's surprise, she was sitting in the rocking chair near the bed giving warnings to his father. 
Throughout Lorenzo's early childhood he would receive information not knowing where it was coming from however, as time went on he began to realize that what was being conveyed to him were actual predictions of people, places, and events with precise and specific details which he found truly "uncanny". At the age of sixteen Lorenzo started to do professional readings in 1996. 
Lorenzo has a deep-seated passion in his heart about his mission for God. His gifts make him ultra-sensitive.  That ultra sensitivity also created a struggle for him as a teenager and he tried his best to do what God had intended for him. What he discovered through that struggle was that he truly was meant to be a vehicle, or conduit to help guide as well as to inspire others. Lorenzo has been very humble through his young life knowing that all credit goes to the creator. 
In 2001 Lorenzo started to lecture on his findings of the other side as a spiritual medium. People from all backgrounds were eager to hear what he was saying and could relate due to their own experiences. This has also created a strong following for Lorenzo throughout the communities of New York and Florida. Due to the success of these lectures, Lorenzo started teaching mediation classes and psychic development workshops to help people fine-tune and understand their own gifts.
Coming from a fairly open-minded family Lorenzo was lucky to have support on his journey back to God. Having a reading with Lorenzo is like talking with a best friend. Lorenzo is specific and gets right to the point. At no time will Lorenzo tell you what to do but he will gently guide you through what is possibly ahead. In a reading with Lorenzo, you can contact a loved one who has passed on. He can connect with your spirit guides and angels, and convey needed messages.
Nothing in life happens by chance we are all here to learn, grow, and become a better person.  Lorenzo quotes in numerous lectures that he does. With a caring and loving heart, he strives to leave this planet in a more sustainable, healthier, and vibrant condition than when he arrived.