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Your Superior Self

Mar 18, 2019

Zach is part of the Smart Real Estate Coach Family, located in Newport, Rode Island.  He is a successful real estate investor completing over 100 deals in under 3 years, and he continues to buy and sell the property without using his own cash, credit, or investor's money.  

At the age of 25, Zach decided to jump into the family real estate business.  Through hard work and in-house training and implementation, Zach has now completed over 100 deals and growing.  On top of that, he coaches students around the country on how to by and sells property just like his family.  Now, as a group, they buy and sell 5-10 properties a month with a predictable and scalable system, controlling between 20-25 million of real estate at any one time with little to no money in the deal and no banks involved.  

Connect with Zach at: