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Your Superior Self

Jul 6, 2020

Joshua Scott Onysko is the founder and CEO of Pangea Organics, a skin, and body care company he began in 2001 out of his garage. Since then, Pangea has become an international brand, recognized for its leadership in creating premium-quality formulations born from the marriage of pure ingredients and high integrity sourcing.


Most recently, Joshua launched Alpine Provisions and is on a very real mission of going completely plastic-free. As an entrepreneur, Joshua has proven his mantra many times over that “the fringe predicts the future.” Each brand he creates stewards the fringe by leading with cutting-edge formulations that honor purity, people, and the planet. He knows that fair, forward-thinking business practices will positively shape the lives of his stakeholders – from employees to farmers – and those practices require a vision that stretches beyond the comfort of the mainstream.


Joshua has an unending curiosity about the world and a belief that opportunity is everywhere. As a kid, this made him resourceful; as an adult it allowed him to flourish. By age six he landed his first job delivering newspapers. At 14 he had a thriving fake ID business. By 16 he dropped out of school and began to work and travel his way around the world. Before he turned 21, he spent time in over 42 countries taking almost any job opportunity that arose. This included selling peaches in India and slinging knock-off Rolex watches and Luis Vuitton handbags in the red light district of Tokyo.


Joshua has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The Wall Street Journal. He is a plant-based chef, self-taught perfumer, visual artist, and a sought-after public speaker. His speaking credentials include TedX, UCLA, and Cosmoprof.