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Your Superior Self

Nov 27, 2023

Embark on a mind-expanding journey with an extraordinary conversation featuring Dr. Diana Pasulka, renowned author of "American Cosmic" and "Encounters." In this riveting discussion, Dr. Pasulka explores the fascinating realm of non-human intelligence, delving into the groundbreaking concepts presented in her latest book, "Encounters." From UFOs and angels to AI and dimensions beyond our understanding, Dr. Pasulka unravels the common threads that tie together these otherworldly encounters. As a distinguished professor of religion and a seasoned scholar, she seamlessly navigates the intersection of science and metaphysics, offering unique insights that challenge conventional perspectives. Join us for a captivating exploration into the unknown, where Dr. Pasulka's expertise sheds light on the future of humanity in a universe filled with mysteries. Subscribe, like, and share to stay informed and engaged in the forefront of transformative conversations